Advocating for injured workers for more than 30 years in Western Pennsylvania

You are entitled to workers compensation benefits for an injury or illness that you have sustained on the job.
These benefits include compensation for the following:

▪ Wage loss
▪ Scars
▪ Loss of eyesight
▪ Lump sum settlements
▪ Medical expenses
▪ Loss of use of  arms, legs, toes and
▪ fingers, hands & feet
▪ Hearing loss

If you are the dependent of a worker who has died due to a work injury or occupational disease, you may be entitled to weekly benefits.

Legal proceedings

Attorney Klein represents workers at hearings and on appeal with regard to various issues surrounding the work injury.  She handles initial claim and reinstatement petitions and defends the worker if the employer/insurer files a petition to stop or modify your weekly wage loss benefits.  She handles review petitions to make certain that you are receiving the correct amount of weekly benefits based upon your time-of-injury wages and that the true medical nature of your injury is recognized legally.

Important events which should trigger a call to an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law:

•    You are on compensation and receive a Petition to Terminate, Suspend, Modify or Review Compensation
•    You are on compensation and receive a Notice of Ability to Return to Work
•    You are on compensation but the insurer issued only a temporary document
•    You are on compensation and receive a call to undergo a vocational assessment
•    You have been offered a modified duty position
•    You have been laid off or terminated from your modified duty job
•    Your claim for compensation for your work injury or disease has been denied
•    You have returned to work, but feel that you are unable to continue due to your work-related condition
•    You wish to know your rights about your choice of medical providers
•    You have concerns about an insured medical examination (IME)
•    The insurance company is refusing to pay for your work-related medical expenses
•    You have had your arm or leg or a portion thereof amputated due to the injury
•    You have lost the use of your arm or leg or a portion thereof due to the injury
•    You have sustained hearing loss, either due to an injury or due to noise exposure
•    You have lost your vision as a result of your work injury or disease
•    You suffer an injury and want to understand your rights and obligations